i don’t know how to say this… i’m seeing ed at the itunes festival in a week. as you might know, ed means everything to me, and i can’t put into words what i feel rn. this was totally unexpected. yesterday night i won a radio contest and i seriously thought i wouldn’t. but i did. i fucking did. a girl called me and every single person who were listening to the radio heard me crying. i insist, i’m not able to describe what i feel about this whole situation, about seeing ed before november, about going to london. i just can’t. i wish i could take all the people who deserve this as well with me, like abigail. i want to say thanks to everyone who congratulates me and everyone who says that i deserve this. you don’t know how much those things mean to me. thank you so much 💞💫 
don’t forget that you all will make all your dreams come true at some point. you just have to wait, like i’ve been doing these three years. life is so unpredictable. 
@teddysphotos see you in eight days my love 😸 (en itunes festival )




Im in love with this photo wow 

good vibess

i miss summer.


"Don’t cry over someone who wouldn’t cry over you."
Lauren Conrad (via reuniite)

Tumblr on We Heart It.


 But we are different, you dream of everlasting love. Not me. Because what really matters is to live. And if we do, there will be nothing to forgive. But I’ll forgive you anyway. 
 - Ginger and Rosa.


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